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Hey yall! (For all my non-southern friends). I'm just a city girl living in a small town of North Carolina with my sweet hubby, our precious little boy, and a very spoiled dog- Kipper. We started this blog to keep in touch with family and friends. However, now that Landon is here we are excited to update everyone and watch our own lives change as God has given us one of his most precious gift of all.

Monday, January 5, 2015

We've moved...

You can find us now at www.katiekrist.wordpress.com

See you soon!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Owen Pascal is here!

So yea-- it's May and I'm just now putting up a blog post about our sweet little guy. But y'all, everyone wasn't kidding when they said that having 2 kids changes things. And not in a bad way, but more in a "these two boys NEED their mommy," kind of a way... and I am quite alright with that! Since Owen has gotten here life as been sweet, challenging at times yes, but full; full of cherished moments, of learning to be a mommy of 2, of adapting to life as a family of four, of submission (can I get an 'Amen' from you mommas out there), of surrendering to be humble instead of proud, and full of JOY!

So without further ado-- Owen's birth story (an abbreviated version-- since I have written this post twice now and my computer has frozen and erased it, bahhh)!

The night before my scheduled c-section the weatherman predicted that we would get a "mild wintery mix." By 6pm the sleet had started and you could see my mom slightly panicking a bit and to be completely honest, I was to. This sleet wasn't an "oh look outside, isn't that pretty." No, this was a go stand by the window with your mouth gaping open in awe. Jeremy and I decided we should maybe call the hospital and see if possibly they wanted us to come in that night and spend the night in an open room. That way we were there and wouldn't need to brave the weather the next morning and surely they wouldn't want us driving after a night of snow/sleet and risk bumping any other scheduled procedures due to our tardiness?! You would have thought I has just asked the receptionist if I could move in for the night and bring my own kitchen sink! To say that she was appalled and thought our idea was horrible is an understatement. So Jeremy and I tucked our sweet only child in for the last time, went to bed and prayed.. a lot! We prayed for safe travels to the hospital the next morning, that Landon and MiMi would be safe, and that we would not be greeted by our new friend the receptionist as we arrived at the hospital the next morning!

6am came and that "mild wintery mix" was more like a sleet-apocalypse! Literally Mimi, Landon, Jeremy and I were sitting in the den waiting to leave for the hospital when out of the blue the power went out from all the ice. I turned to Jeremy (officially panicking now) and said, "time to go before the hospital tries to cancel my procedure because of this crazy weather" (I was not about to let them even udder the thought). So off we went... leaving MiMi and Landon to fend for themselves in the dark, with no heat, and trees snapping in half outside. Now looking back, that probably wasn't the greatest idea, leaving my mom in a town she barely knew and my son who was already trying to cope with the fact that his little world was about to be rocked. However my mom and Landon were rockstars and handled the crazy weather and the potential for panic beautifully! Mom in her sweet way said "go on honey..." but I knew she was worried for her baby while caring for my baby.

Jeremy, I swore drove 15 mph the whole way to hospital. We passed overturned cars, people stranded on the side of the road, and trees blocking intersections everywhere. At one point, I thought we should just turn around and head back home or at least help these people we kept passing. Y'all when I say I have never seen weather like this before I mean it! Poor little NC didn't know what to do with themselves.

Look at that concentration...

We finally made it to the hospital an hour and half before my scheduled surgery time. Jerm and I decided to set up camp in the waiting room and just spend a few last moments together before the big moment. We hadn't been there 5 minutes before Dr. T called the hospital and told them he was coming in early and to get me prepped. Wait! What?! I'm not ready now... I need a few minutes. I came early so I could breathe for a second. Am I really ready to be done, to not carry this sweet boy anymore?! I just need a minute! My planner says my surgery is at noon not 10am! Breathe, Katie... this is a good thing... it's time.

So I was off! Kissed Jeremy goodbye, walked the hall to the OR which I have walked 1,000 times before but for some reason this time those halls felt miles long. Apparently all of the other patients that day weren't able to make it in for their scheduled procedures/deliveries ["mild wintery mix"- ha!] so I was the ONLY patient in the OR that day. Which equaled some pretty nice one and one time with the nurses and anesthesia team.  Jeremy was finally allowed back in the pre-op area and I told him to PRAY! If you know me, you know I am deathly afraid of getting sick. So I had everyone and I mean EVERYONE praying that day. And not just, "Lord be with Katie." I had specific prayers-- no nausea before, during or after the spinal was performed, no drop in blood pressure, no panicking desire for water (you can't eat or drink for 12 hours prior to surgery and I was always SO thirsty while pregnant), that Jeremy wouldn't get nervous being in the OR, that Owen would cry right after being born so I knew he was ok (since you can't see much laying on the table you rely on familiar sound for reassurance), and the list goes on.

I swear I have never felt the power of prayer more than that day! Literally it felt as though I was being covered with His promises of protection and reassurance. We had made it safely to the hospital, I did not get sick once, the spinal went beautifully, Dr T. and my OR/NICU team were some of the kindest people and truly celebrated the life of our son, and we were able to welcome Owen into the world with his daddy and I singing Happy Birthday to him. It was pure joy! All was right in the world for that perfect moment at 11:19am on March 7th.

The next few days were filled with friends and family visiting. We couldn't wait to show off our boy! People from work stopped in before/after shifts and brought treats, Jeremy's parents actually drove up the night before so they could be some of the first people to meet Owen, friends (who are more like family) came by and made the hospital feel more like home. Then it was time for Landon to finally meet his little brother. Y'all he was SO excited! After a CRAZY night of no power and trying to find a hotel for some heat with MiMi, I think they both just needed some love'n. Landon walked in and he immediately asked to hold Owen. Be still my heart! I was overjoyed to watch my now TWO boys fall in love. It was holy ground.

It's been almost 3 months now. I can't believe it's been 3 months! Where has the time gone?! Owen is now 11lbs and growing (finally! Struggled there for a bit with weight gain). Landon is the greatest big brother this momma could ask for. Life is just sweet.